Vans Return Policy with Exchange and Refund Process

Vans is a US manufacturer of shoes and apparel. The company sells clothing, footwear, fashion accessories, shoes for skateboarding and classic low-top shoes online as well as clothing and apparel in its 150 outlets. Vans sponsors motocross, surfing, snowboarding, BMX teams, and other sports.

If you are not happy with your Vans purchase and want to return the item, please contact Vans. Maybe you purchased the wrong item. Don’t worry! Just read Vans Return Policy. Here’s how you do it.

We all have regrets about buying things. As long as the item is exchangeable or returnable, it’s no problem. Vans will refund your money if you’re not satisfied with the purchase. We’ll explain how Vans returns work and what your requirements are. Vans is a well-known brand for its BMX, skate, snowboarding and other accessories. Follow the steps below to return any of them.

Vans Return Policy

What is Vans Return Policy

Vans sells a variety of shoes that can either be used for skateboarding or snowboarding. Vans’ simple return policy of 60 days applies to all shoes and clothing, as well their accessories. You cannot return items purchased online or in stores if they are not in their original condition. Do not forget to include the original packaging. A product receipt or your order numbers may be required to get a refund.

Can Vans Return Custom Orders?

For any custom products you wish to return, call customer service at 1-855-909-8222. You’ll be informed by the customer service representative about the eligibility of your return. Any custom merchandise with embroidery, or uploaded images, is generally not eligible for a return.

How do I return my Vans Purchase?

You can return your merchandise to Vans directly or by mail through the US postal services. How to return your merchandise at Vans is explained in detail in the Vans Return Policy.

Return To Vans Retail Store

You can return your item by visiting a Vans retail store. orders can be returned in person, as well. You can return all unworn and unwashed items within 60-days of the receipt’s date. The following information can be found at your Vans location.

  1. Original receipt or order number
  2. The unworn/unwashed merchandise which you wish to return.
  3. Original packaging
  4. The original return form that was sent with your product.

Vans Return Policy Online

Even though it is best to visit the store, you may have to send the items back via the US post service. Follow these steps.

  1. Make sure to seal your product in its original Vans box packaging. If this is not possible, any cardboard box will work to safely return the product.
  2. You will now need to write your name and order number on the return shipping labels and attach it securely to the outside.
  3. The US post office will pick up the package at your mailbox. You can also drop the parcel off at FedEx, your local postoffice.

Vans Return policy without receipt

If your Vans receipt is lost or stolen, your order number can be used to prove your purchase. Your order number is available on in either the order history page, or the confirmation email that was sent to you when the item arrived. For further information about returns, please call their customer service number at 1-855-909-8222.

Items are not eligible for return

Vans allows returns on almost all items that meet the vans return policy criteria. The Vans policy allows for returns as long as the item is not worn or damaged. Vans cannot accept returns on custom-made products with images or embellishments.

Vans Exchange Policy does not allow exchanges due to their high volumes and dynamic inventory fluctuations. Instead, recommends that you return your item and receive a full reimbursement.

Vans can replace the product by a different or the same priced item. We are not certain. To clarify any issues regarding returns/exchanges, we recommend you to contact their Customer Support for further assistance.

Gift cards – Refunds

Vans will issue a refund if you return any product bought using a Vans giftcard. The refund will also be split if the Vans gift card was used in conjunction with a credit card.

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