Sam’s Club Return Policy with Refund and Exchange Product

if you have purchased an item from Sam’s Club and for some reason want to return the product, you can easily return the item to Sam’s Club. To return an item to Sam’s Club, you must follow Sam’s Club’s return policy.

You can easily return an item at Sam’s Club. You must follow Sam’s Club Return Policy and you will need to know the return policy of the item. You must see that the item you have purchased is valid for return or not.

For making a return of a product to Sam’s Club, you have 365-days, so, you can easily return the product any time, but some products have different policies, so you have to accept that, and you have to compulsory follow it.

Introduction of Sam’s Club and Sam’s Club Return Policy

Sam’s Club is a membership-only retail warehousing club. Walmart operates Sam’s Club. Sam’s Club was founded in 1983 by Walmart. Sam’s Club operates 599 stores in the United States in 2021. Everyone knows about Sam’s Club, so let’s get all the information about Sam’s Club’s return policy here.

Sam’s Club Return Policy

In Sam’s Club, you have 365 days to return the item. You can always return the item in Sam’s Club, but the return policy for each item is different, which you need to know. You can’t return something at Sam’s Club, so you can’t return it after you buy the product.

Sam’s Club Return Policy | Sam’s Club Return Conditions

First, we will know which item you will be able to return in how many days, you have to read the information given here carefully which will be very helpful to you.

Product Return time-limit
Tires and Batteries Manufacture’s Warranty
Cell Phones 14-Days
Television 90-Days
Computer & Tablets 90-Days
Contact Lenses 30-Days
Electronics 90-Days
Games & Software 90-Days
Movies and Music 90-Days (If CD or DVD is defective)

Some items you can’t return to Sam’s Club and if you need more information on why you can’t return the item, you can get them by calling Sam’s Club Customer Service. All of this information is from Sam’s Club Return Policy.

Cigarettes and Tobacco Products
Personalized Purchase
Contact Lenses-Opened box is not allowed for return
Gift Cards, Shopping Cards, and Pre-paid Cards
Hearing Aids
Wholesale Trading Purchase


You are not eligible to return or exchange the above product after you have used or opened the box, so you cannot process to return the product. If you want more information about that product policy, you can get it by calling the customer service of Sam’s Club.

Here is the information on which products you can return and which products you cannot return, so if you have a product that is eligible to be returned, you will have to use it.

Many people have come here to find out how we got into Sam’s Club. Returning Items You have 3 ways to return an item to Sam’s Club, you can easily return the item by selecting any one of the ways.

How to return a product to Sam’s Club

Here are 3 ways you can choose the product that suits you and return the product to Sam’s Club.

  1. By Mail (Bring it back)
  2. By Calling Customer Service
  3. Store Return

BY Mail Return

By mail is the only way you can get a return label to return an item. A return label is very important to return an item. If you call Sam’s Club Customer Service, they will also ask you to get the return label first. So we will first learn how to get a return label.

Step 1: First open the  website. Then log in to your Sam’s Club account.

Step 2: All you have to do now is open the order history then select the item you want to return, then click on the return option below.

Step 3: After selecting the item you want to return, you have to fill in the return form to return the item. Then you have told the reason why you are returning the item.

Now you got the Return label, now you can download it, or you print it. After getting it, you have to do apply the return label on the packed box. You will then need to deliver the item to the nearest post office or to the address given on the return label using the courier service.

Store Return

You can easily return the item by visiting the store of Sam’s Club near you. You won’t need a return label to return to the store, but a customer desk assistant will help you if you visit Sam’s Club’s store and ask you to return to Sam’s Club’s customer desk.

By Calling

In By Calling Customer Service will tell you that it will allow the application to return the item and will say get the return label then send the item to the address with the return label, you will have to send the item to the address given below.

Sam’s Club Customer Service Number: 1-888-746-7726

Sam’s Club Return Address:

Sam’s Club

Attn: Product Returns

RMA: (write your RMA number here)

2250 International Street

Columbus, OH 43228-3834

Using the information above, you can easily return the item to Sam’s Club. All the necessary information is given here so that you can use it to simply return the item to Sam’s Club. If there is any confusion in Sam’s Club’s return policy, you can call Sam’s Club Return Policy Can get more information about it.


Here I am trying to cover all the questions of the Sam’s Club Return Policy. If you have any doubts in here given information about Sam’s Club return Policy, then you have the option to contact us. I defiantly try to give the solution to your problem.

In case you want to know another store return policy, then you can get the details of that store return policy.

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