How to Revolve Return Policy Step-by-Step Process Guidelines

Do you like shopping in the Revolve Store or We know that you trust the Revolve Store And you also know that revolve is not harmed or defective things. By chance, any other causes have been damaged or defective before you return the item you purchased, you have to know about Revolve Return Policy.

We know you want to get useful information on Revolve. Because without a useful guide, you can not send your store back to the Rose Store, Here we guide you to the show.

And we also give you the rules of the Revolve Return Policy. We know you have to read this post. Because here you give the information about the Revolve Return or Replacement Policy.

Before returning the item, you have to get the information on Revolve Return Policy Rules and methods of the returning the item to revolve. Let’s know the methods and rules of the Revolve Return Policy.

Revolve Return Policy

You have a 30-day time limit to return an item. If you want to exchange something after 60 days, you can return the item, revolve to the website. You can return the item within 30 days of the purchase; you are eligible for a full refund.

But you have the opportunity to return Revolve item. You can return the item’s item to the company. You must use a warranty or make sure to bring something back to the Revolve store.

Revolve Return & Refund Policies

Do many customers worry that buying a back item at Revolve or Revolve item accepts what it sells? Do not worry when you get the best service for their customers? There are some conditions for selling Revolve items.

You want to return the purchased item to revolve, and then you have to know about their terms about the compensation policy. Here we also give you the terms of the compensation policy.

Revolve Return Policy Rules

  • You have 30 days time periods for returning the item at Revolve.
  • Otherwise, you want to return the item after the 60 days, then that is not possible. But you are eligible to exchange the item.
  • You can purchase the heavy discounted item, then you are not eligible to return the item, and you can not get back the refund, exchange, or store credit from Revolve.
  • The US customer has benefited, US residents you can’t pay any charges for returning the item.
  • If you return more than $7500 during the 12-month period, you may be subject to the Revolve return policy. If you are subject to a revised policy, Revolve Store or Revolve Customer Service will contact you.
  • Special order for clothes of 3 or more clothing in the style will be the final sale. If you are interested in a particular style, before a special order, if available.
  • In case you receive the damaged or defective item from Revolve, then you contact the Revolve Customer Service quickly.

Methods of returning the item at Revolve

You can easily return the item at to revolve. You can return the item by using the 2 methods. Let’s show how to return the item at Revolve Store and Carefully read the bellowed mentioned methods to return the item. And you have to apply the steps for returning the item at Revolve.

1. By Dial the Customer Service

  • Contact the Revolve customer service number. You have to dial the +1-562-926-5672.
  • After that, tell him what you want.
  • Then provide the information about the purchased item and personal details of you.
  • After that, pack the item and write the Revolve Address. You have to write the bellowed mentioned address.
    12877 Moore St
    Cerritos, CA 90703
  • After that, drop the packed item at the nearest UPS Location.

2. By Sending the Mail

  • Send one mail to revolve. Revolve Customer Service Mail ID is [email protected].
  • In this mail, you have to give all the information about the purchased item and personal information of you.
  • After sending the mail, you receive the return label of the item.
  • After that, print the return label. And attach the print label on the packed item.
  • In case you forgot to print the return label, then you don’t worry. You can also return the item by writing the given address.
    12877 Moore St
    Cerritos, CA 90703
  • After that, drop the item at the Nearest UPS Location.

It is the simple ways for returning the item at Revolve Store. In case you brought the item from the Revolve Store, then you can also return the item at Revolve Store.

You need the payment receipt of the item. After returning the item, you can get back your refund in very soon.

In case you face any problem on the returning the item, then you have to contact the Revolve Customer Service. You can contact by dialing this number +1-562-926-5672. They give you the best guidance for returning the item.

Advice for you

Regularly check the price of your purchased product until 14 days, because if any decrease happens in that product’s price, you should make price adjustment with the store. If you want a quick return and a quick refund, for that, you need to return your product to the nearest Revolve offline store.

When you shop any product from Revolve and you return that item for any reasons, please carefully clear your personal information from that item or from the item’s package. Revolve online store does not take any responsibility for this reason and does not reliable for any misuses of your information. Remind Revolve does not store your details.


We hope you like to read the above-given information about the Revolve Return Policy. In case you can’t understand our language, then you inform us by commenting on the post And you like to read our provided information, then you get another store or website’s return policy information in our site.

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