Redbox Return Policy with Refund and Exchange Product

Are you had taken any movies or games discs on rent from Redbox store? If yes, then in some cases you have a problem with that Disc because of any reasons related to that Disc or with that store’s services. At that time this post Redbox Return Policy Guidelines helps you in whatever help you want to return that disc to Redbox store.

Many customers, who regularly buy whatever they want and available at Redbox store, have known about Redbox return policy and Redbox replacement policy (you can only replace your disc if it’s come damaged).

This post is helpful for those customers who recently starting taking discs of games and movies on rent from Redbox store, and they want to return that disc because of any issues related to that disc.

This post gives you true, genuine, and trustable information and details, which gives you guidance about returning that disc in accurate time to Redbox store. We give you information which helps you to easily return your disc to Redbox store.

Redbox Return Policy

You can take the best discs of Games and movies on rent by visiting for reserving what you want and take that from nearest Redbox store to you. Redbox store assures you have not received any defective or faulty disc, But if for any reasons you receive faulty product, then this post help you very much in returning your disc too.

We give all information about rules, regulations, details and how to return rented disc to Redbox. Here we give all true, genuine and accurate information about Redbox.

If you want to know briefly about what is Redbox return policy, read below-mentioned post which helps you in easily returning of DVDs which taken by you on rent to Redbox. Let’s start; understanding what this post wants to tell you.

Redbox Retail company

Headquarters: Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois, USA.
CEO: Galen Smith, (2016)
Revenue: 54.6 cr, USD (2020)
Founded: 2002
Founder: Gregg Kaplan

Redbox Return Policy

Many customers of Redbox haves lots of questions in them mind about returning disc. Here in this post we will give all answer of customer’s questions in form of this post, Redbox return policy guidelines. You can take disc on rent by directly to the store or by reserving disc online, but to take that reserved disc, you must want to go to the store and collect it from there.

So it means if you want to take any movies or games DVDs on rent from Redbox store, you can take it only by going to any Redbox location. Redbox store strictly follow its return policy, so your disc is only accepted by the store if that disc follows Redbox return policy rules. If you want to know about this returning way and policy rules, then read below-mentioned details.

We explain all process briefly that helps you in returning your disc to Redbox store. Redbox return policy guidelines post explain all details in simple way that helps you to return your disc easily to box location.

We understand all problem that happening while you want to return your disc, so we can understand your problem and for this purpose we write this post which gives you answer of your questions and give information about your disc follow criteria or not decided by Redbox for return. Let’s start understanding, what is Redbox return policy rules,

Redbox Return Policy Rules

Redbox sells and gives discs of movies, TV shows, and games on rent to its customers.

  • Redbox gives discs of movies and games to its customer on rent, which is taken into account by the store on one day rent.
  • If a customer should take disc on rent for one day, the customer has time until 9:00 pm of the day after.
  • If you do not return your disc until next day 9:00 pm, you will be charged for another day rent with tax applicable for that disc.
  • For this we take one example, if you take any disc on rent at $2 for one day, and you would not return until 9:00 pm of next day. You will be charged for another day rent $2 plus tax of that disc.
  • This cycle of additional charge and tax will not stop until return that disc with its total rent, or you reach the maximum rental period of that disc.
  • Rent and additional charges of the disc may be varied in some discs. Example;- disc rent of one day is 3 dollar, but its additional charge may be 1.50 dollars.
  •  If you hold your disc for the maximum rental period, you will be charged for the maximum charge of that disc, and you become owner of the disc, and you keep it.
  • Almost everywhere, maximum rental period for movies is 17 days and maximum rental period for games is 23 days.
  • Maximum charge for maximum rental period of DVDs is $29.75 plus tax for it, maximum charge for Blu-ray discs is $34 plus tax for it and maximum charge for games is $69 plus tax for video games.
  • You can return your movie or video game disc to any box of the U.S.
  • You cannot copy this Redbox discs because of Copy, burn or transfer of the Redbox movie for personal use is crime according to Federal copyright laws.
  • Redbox does not accept return of previously rented movies or games once purchased by the customer.
  • If you return a damaged disc to Redbox then Redbox reserves the right to charge your payment card for an additional charge which is not more than the maximum charge of that disc.
  • If you know you rented a defective disc from Redbox then call customer service at 1.866.733.2693. Otherwise, they will assume that the defect of disc occurred during your rental.

How to Return Rented Item to Redbox

Redbox assures that its customer not receive any damage or defective disc, But in case customer received any damaged or defective disc, it must require customer should call to the customer service of Redbox. Otherwise, company assume damage happened by you.

There is only one way of returning that disc, which was taken by you on rent from Redbox. By using this way, customers easily return their discs to Redbox. That only way is mention below

1:- Returning rented item by visiting the nearest box location

  1. First, you need to find a box location which is near to you.
  2. Then return your rented movie or game disc to that box.
  3. You can return disc at any U.S. box locations, so if your nearest box is not available to take a return, you need to return disc at any other box. If you would not go to the other box and do not return disc, you will be charged for next day rent with its tax.

Advice for you

Take care of case of your rented disc case because without case of disc, Redbox would charge you additional charges for that.


Here in this post, we give all information about Redbox which was asked by customers. Above given all information and details are accurate and genuine which helps you while returning your disc to Redbox. If you want to know further about other store return rules.

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