Pretty Little Thing Return Policy Information

Do Pretty Little Thing guarantee items with a return-free policy? What is their customer service regarding returns? Do the Pretty Little Thing accept in-store returns? Do Pretty Little Thing offer a money-back assurance? Do Pretty Little Thing have to provide an invoice to complete the return? What is the duration of the return time for Pretty Little Thing?

Pretty Little Thing is a popular clothing brand that targets women and is one of the Boohoo family of brands. Based with its headquarters in London, Paris and LA, The brand has made significant advancements in the fashion online business. The increasing popularity of the company over the last few years has led to an increase in people looking to avail its Pretty Little Thing Return policy. This is discussed in detail with this post.

Pretty Little Thing Return Policy

What’s Pretty Little Thing return policy?

Pretty Little Thing return policy requests that you return your items within 28 days after processing the order to receive a return or exchange. PLT’s return policy in 2022 demands that the items are unworn and unwashed. Tags must be intact, and prefers that shoes not to be worn outside.


Number: +44 161 713 3371

Return Period 28 Days
Method of Return Via Mail
Exchange Period There’s no information available
Exchange Method Exchanges are not offered
Refund Period 3 to 5 Business Days
Refund Method The original method of payment

What is the best way To Return a Pretty Little Thing item?

Returning an item purchased from Pretty Little Thing online store is straightforward. It is necessary to sign in to their website and then go to their return portal. Repackage the items in their original packaging if you are able to, and make sure the packaging is waterproof. It is also important to ensure that tags and labels are still on the packaging.

Customers can print shipping labels via the returns’ portal and then take the box and the label to a local location such as USPS to be shipped.

It is important to note that their website does not specify if their return portal generates an electronic barcode that is used at a point of delivery or create the labels for you. The return will be acknowledged by a notification that the return has been accepted.

Does Pretty Little Thing pay return shipping?

Pretty Little Thing does not charge the return shipping. The return label is designed than just a way to ensure that the address is correct and a simple method of tracking. You’ll need to pay for the exact amount to return your goods.

Does Pretty Little Thing refund return shipping?

As with paying the return shipping cost in the beginning, No, Pretty Little Thing will not reimburse you for returning an item.

What is the strictness of the Pretty Little Thing return policy?

We have found only a few instances of people discussing the ease that is the Pretty Little Thing return policy. The return policy of the company is quite clear about the amount of days and the condition that is required for the product.

It is worth contacting PLT regarding an item you’d like to return after their time frame and quality standards. They may be able to collaborate with you to ensure that you remain a satisfied customer.

Pretty Little Thing Exchange Policy

Pretty Little Thing do not currently provide an exchange policy for their customers. Instead, you can exchange or return your purchase through their return process through their site.

Pretty Little Thing does offer the possibility of the exchange process, however it’s likely not to function in the way you imagine. Instead of specifying which item you prefer when you exchange, it is best to initiate the return procedure.

Then, you can choose to hold off until the refund is processed and later place an order, or you can simply create a new order. The benefit of this method is that you are able to go back to the site to place an order without having to go through a different method.

Pretty Little Thing Refund Policy

The procedure is fairly simple. You’ll require a packing slip and the shipping label, as well as the items contained in an airtight and sealed package. Refunds will be returned to the credit card that the money was taken from.

Does Pretty Little Thing take returns without receipt?

You should, as you have set up a customer account, the website holds the items you purchased. Printing a shipping label using the packaging flip is sufficient to be the designation of a Pretty Little Thing and proof of purchase.

What are the items that cannot return in Pretty Little Thing?

Accessories and beauty products are not able to be returned. Products for grooming and swimming aren’t returnable, and swimming wear has a hygiene seal to show that it has been tested on.

You should be cautious when purchasing these items at Pretty Little Thing to avoid the hassle of returning them.

What happens if my item isn’t working properly?

Products that are defective at Pretty Little Thing are handled differently. PLT will require a picture of the product that is defective, along with the order number we used when we placed the purchase. Their website isn’t clear on how to proceed in the case of an item that is defective.

Are Pretty Little Thing Give free returns?

For UK customers the company will accept refunds at no cost however, you need to provide proof of delivery in the event that the product gets lost in shipping back to the business.

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