How to Return Policy Petco Step-by-Step Process Guidelines

Not satisfied with your recent purchases from or Petco stores? Want to return or exchange your goods? Are you finding difficulty in doing so? If affirmative, you have come to the correct post. This post will help you go through the guidelines of the Petco Return Policies and guide you through the procedure of returning products to Petco.

You must know Petco Return and Exchange Policies in order to be able to return a product such that your refund is issued. Any product which is not returned within the specified timeframe or is not as it was originally found by the customer, your return will not be accepted, and a refund will not be initiated.

Petco Return Policy

For customers, new and old, if you are returning a product to Petco for the first time, it will be of help if you know the company’s return policies. It will make your journey simple and comfortable. With the help of this post, you will be guided as to how to proceed with your returns.

Petco Return Policy

Petco return policy is pretty simple. If the customer is not fully satisfied with their purchase from Petco, they can return their purchase to any of the Petco or Unleashed by Petco stores or to one of Petco’s warehouses. Petco stores will gladly accept the return of your order within 60 days of the initial shipment date.

Petco assures that none of its customers is delivered any kind of defective or faulty or harmful item, but if that is the case by any chance, the customers can return such products (according to the terms and conditions of the return policy of Petco).

Petco Return Policy Rules

  • Petco or unleashed by Petco stores will be glad to accept your order returns if you do it within 60 days of the initial shipment date.
  • Prescription medicines and pharmacy products will not be accepted for return in-store or by mail. These cannot be returned. If you still have any queries regarding the same, you can contact Petco Customer Service at 1-877-738-6742. If you have received a damaged or incorrect order, a refund will be issued, and the medication will be disposed of properly.
  • The return of prescription food products will be accepted only via mail. A return of prescription food products in a store is prohibited.
  • Items purchased in-store can be returned within a span of 60 days for a full refund in the original form of tender.
  • Valid government-issued ID is a necessity for all returns and exchanges to take place. Petco ensures that customer information will not be shared with anyone or on any kind of platform.
  • Returns made after 60 days or without a receipt are eligible for in-store only merchandise credit equal to the lowest company-wide price at which the returned products were sold.
  • In-store services and purchase of any saltwater fish are non-refundable.
  • If your mode of payment was PayPal, you will be issued a Gift Card or a receipt; or will be credited to your PayPal account in exchange for your return.
  • After the arrival of freshwater aquatic life purchased from Petco, they will stay alive for 30 days. If not, Petco will refund the customer’s money.
  • If you need to return Cali Vinyl Pet Flooring, you can submit your request to Cali’s Petco Support Team at: (888)788-2254. Once reviewed, approved and accepted, further instructions will be provided.

How to return purchased item from Petco

There are two easy ways to get your order back to Petco. You can follow any one of these methods to return your purchased items to Petco:

  1. Return to a Store:

Any of Petco stores will be happy to accept your order back within 60 days of purchase. You are requested to present one of the following while making an in-store return:

  1. Store Return Receipt: You can have a digital or physical copy of the same, you will find it in your Petco Order History.
  2. Purchase Confirmation email: Please have a digital or a physical copy of it when you reach the register counter.

If you had made payments using PayPal, then an in-store return will get the customer a Gift Card or a store credit in the customer’s name. This is as per policies. You will not be able to return any prescription medicines or pharmacy items in-store as it is strictly against the laws of the company.

  1. Ship your items back:

You can return items by mailing them to the below address within 60 days of purchase. You will receive the refund only after it has been initiated, after Petco receives the mail.

257 Prospect Plains Road, Ste. B

Cranbury, NJ 08512

If you have made payments using PayPal for the items you wish to return, the money will be credited into your PayPal account as per the policies. For returns that are made after 60 days, the merchandise credit will be emailed to the account of the owner.

Advice for you

For the quickest possible returns, you are advised to return your products offline. It is always fast and easy to return to an offline store.

You must also keep in mind that you must check the information that you provide for the shipping of returned goods. Petco will not be responsible for any misuse of your information by a third party. Petco does not store your details.


We hope that this post was able to serve its purpose. We hope this post provided you with all the information that you felt was important for you to know prior to sending your purchases from Petco back.

We assure you that the content in this post has been taken up from Petco’s official website and is authentic. You can visit Petco’s official website for more details about the purchase and return of goods at Petco. For more such posts or any queries related to this post.

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