Overstock Return Policy with Refund and Exchange Product

Overstock Refund and Exchange Policy, here we provide you proper guidance which helps you very much in returning your item. whenever you bought an item from Overstock online store, and you are not satisfied with your purchase when you want to return that item back to overstock online store at that time this post “Overstock Return Policy Guidelines” give guidance to you about how to return your purchased product from Overstock.

Overstocks return policy rules and methods provided by this store which gives you instruction that helps you in returning that product which you bought from this store. Here, we will represent that return policy in a simple way that can easy to understand for you.

It is so easy to understand the step-by-step guidance which gives you the opportunity to return to your product to store. It is obvious to the customer they have lots of query and lots of question in their mind about how they make their return to the store.

So here we provide all information related to overstock return policy in a simple way. We know that this information provided by us definitely helps you for returning your purchased item back to the Overstock.

Here we give all important information for you and that information helps you for returning the item to Overstock Store. In case you want to get no more information about the Overstock Return Policy, then you have to visit the official page of the Overstock Return Policy. Let’s understand further about the Overstock return policy,

Overstock Return Policy

Every store’s main priority is to maintain customer faith in their product. Therefore, they always try to give the best quality product to their customer because of the quality of the product related to the store’s reputation in the market.

So they always want to give you the best product which you buy from that store. In any case by mistake, you get a faulty or defective product then they provide return policy for accepting that product back and gives you a refund.

Overstock Return Policy

Thus, Overstock also provides customer to make a return if they get the faulty product, or they do not like an item and want to return it. If you buy any item which is not useful to you or item which is not needed by you, then you can easily return your item back to store. We understand all the problem that happening while you want to return an item, so for this purpose we write this post which gives you answer to your questions.

Whenever you want to return your item and for knowing that item is applicable or not applicable for return, Read rules and regulations of overstock in this post. All information given in this post by us about this store is true, genuine and trustful which helps you.

If you regularly buy items which are available on Overstock, then you want to read this post carefully, because if at that day, when any issue occurs in your item, and you want to know about the overstock return policy, at that time this post helps you very much.

Overstock Return Policy Rules

  • Overstock gives you a 30 days’ time period to return your item back to the store and gets your refund in few days after when they got your return.
  • The store provides you a full refund only if an item is unopened or unused. If an item is opened or used, they provide you a partial refund according to product condition.
  • Overstock does not provide an exchange service. you can place the order of that item for different size and color after getting the refund.
  • If you get faulty products, then the store gives you a full refund for that.
  • All international or national sales of products sold or fulfilled by third-party sellers are not the responsibility of Overstock.
  • Overstock does not support returns for these products. Those items are subjected to manufacturer’s warranty.
  • You will get your refund in four weeks time after you make a return.
  • cosmetics, undergarments, cosmetics, CDs, DVDs, Hair color, gift cards, and those items whose marked non-returnable on the shopping cart when you buy it.
  • Those items are not able to return until they come damaged or faulty.

Return shipping charges deducted from your refund by store. A customer gets their refund within four weeks in the method which was used by them for making the initial payment. its a time taking process because the store gets your delivery within 14 days, the inspection takes 5 days and then your bank takes some time.

You would not get your refund after 4 weeks. You should call at customer call at 1-1800-843-2446. For further help, visit the store’s official website. Overstock reserves rights to decline your return if they suspect any fraud activity.

How to Return Purchased Item to Overstock

Overstock assures that its customer does not receive any damaged product. But in case of customer received any damaged or defective item, there is one way of returning that item which was bought from Overstock online store. By using this way, customers easily return their products to overstock. That way is mention below.

2:Returning purchased the item by mail

  1. Open official website of Overstock at www.overstock.com
  2. After that, if you are new then sign up otherwise sign in to your Overstock account.
  3. Then click on my order link and select that item which you want to return.
  4. provide, returning information for that item.
  5. Fill up requires information like your name, order number, billing address, and payment information and then submits the return.
  6. After completing these steps, pack that item with its original packaging completely and courier it.

Advice for you

You will receive a refund in the same way which you prefer to purchase that product from Overstock. Make sure your return parcel is completely packed and safe from damages because it’s your responsibility until it reaches to store warehouse.

Do not write or draw on the product’s packaging because sometimes the store denied some returns because of this reason. Overstock does not responsible for delivery made by agents who are not related to the store. So return your item only with that carrier services which are approved by Overstock.


Here in this post, we give all information about Overstock store which was asked by customers. Above given all information and details are accurate and genuine which helps you while returning your product to overstock. If you want further information.

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