How to Return Policy Newegg Step-by-Step Process Guidelines

this post “Newegg Return Policy Guidelines” helps those people who bought their products from Newegg online or offline store and wants to return it back to the Newegg store because of any reasons like, they are not satisfied or happy with their purchase and other reasons like they get defective, damaged  item or product with missing parts.

Newegg Return Policy, Some customers of this store have knowledge about return & refund, exchange rules but who they do not have knowledge of this store’s return policy. They must read this post because we provide true, genuine and useful information of returns rules.

If you regularly buy items which are available on Newegg store, then you want to read this post carefully, because of at that day, when any problem occurs in your item, and you want to know about Newegg return policy

this post makes returns of the items easier for you by providing useful details. Whenever you want to return & exchange your item, must know before return that item is applicable or not applicable for return & exchange.

Newegg Return Policy

For knowing that, Read rules and regulations of Newegg store in this post. All information given in this post by us is true, genuine, helpful, useful and trustful. You can check information provided by us is true or not, by visiting official website of Newegg store.

Newegg Online retail company

CEO: Anthony Chow, (2020)
Founded: 2001
Founder: Fred Chang
Employees: 2,205, (2021)
Headquarters: City of Industry, California, USA.
Net income: 3.63 cr USD, (2021)

Newegg Return Policy

Every online or offline store have them own return & exchange polices. So Newegg store also have its own rules for return which are might be different from other stores. If you want to return your item to get back store, for return you must require Return Merchandise Authorization (“RMA”) number.

Customer should generate RMA number from official website, customer should require generate RMA number for that item within return time limit period of that item according to Newegg return & exchange policy. After that time period, customers should not be able to acquire RMA number and they are not able to return them item back to the store.

Here we explain all process briefly about how to return your item to Newegg online or offline store. “Newegg return policy guidelines” post explains all details in simple way that helps you to return your product easily to store.

We can understand all problem that happening while customers return them products, so for this purpose we write this post which gives you answer of your questions and give information about your item follows or not to that criteria which was decided by Newegg for return. Let’s start understanding, what is Newegg return policy rules.

Newegg Return Policy Rules:

  • All products on Newegg except some items have 30 days time for return or refund it to store from date of purchase.
  • RMA number must be required for all items which are wants to return by them owners.
  • RMA numbers are valid until 15 days from its generation and RMA number for any item only issued once, it cannot reissued.
  • All CPUs and open box processors have 7 days time period for return or refund it to Newegg.
  • If you order any large product then at delivery time, you want inspect them and report Newegg within 48 hours if item is damaged.
  • Retails software is acceptable only if they are unopened within 30 days. It can be exchangeable if it comes damaged.
  • Non-contract cell phones and DVDs which are bought by customers are not eligible for refund but should return it for replacement within 30 days.
  • Those items whose are covered by 45/1 return policy; get 45 days for refund and 1 year for replacement.
  • If customer should bought any product as a special order that is not eligible for return.
  • You can simply cancel your order by call at 1-800-390-1119, and you get your refund in 1-2 business days.
  • If you get damaged product, and you return it, then the store does not charge you any restocking fee or return shipping charge.

Newegg reserve rights to decline returns if it suspects any fraud activity with the store. All international or local sales of products sold or fulfilled by these third-party sellers are not the responsibility of Newegg. Newegg does not support returns for these products. These items are belongs to Manufacturer’s Warranty.

How to return purchased item from Newegg

All buyers are wants to easily return of their items to Newegg if any problem happened to item related either with its working or with its esthetic look. So here we explain two easiest steps or methods in a way that easily understand by customers, which helps them in returning their items.

Make your return delivery only with Newegg’s trustable carrier service, if you’re done your delivery with other service, Newegg do not reliable for it.

1:- Returning Purchased Item by Visiting the nearest Newegg Store

  • Find Newegg store, which is nearest to you.
  • Goes that store, meet and communicate with customer services executive of that store.
  • You need to show invoice for item, ID which is issued by government, and need to tell returning reason of that item to customer service associate.
  • Then you want to pack your item in its original package with all accessories of that item and make sure all is done.
  • Then collect refund of that item, refund issued to you in same way which you preferred for make payment.

2:- Returning the purchased item by mail

  • Open official website of Newegg.
  • After that, sign in or sign up in to yours Newegg account.
  • Check your order list on the official website and select an item whose you want to return for refund or exchange.
  • Then, provide a reason for returning that item to Newegg.
  • Then, fill up return form that shown on screen and give required information of yours like name, address, order number, contact number, returning reason.
  • After all of this process, you need to pack that item with its original packaging and with all tags, accessories, coupons and Return it with Newegg approved courier company.

After this all your refunding process will start, and you get your refund in some days from Newegg in same way which is preferred by you.

Advice for you

Do not write any type of words and draw on item because of this reason, some time Newegg store decline return. If you want quick return and quick refund, for that, you need to return your product to nearest Newegg offline store.

When you shop any product from Newegg and you return that item for any reasons, please carefully clear your personal information from that item or from the item’s package.

Newegg online store does not take any responsibility for this reason and does not reliable for any misuses of your information. Remind Newegg does not store your details.


Here in this post, we give all information about Newegg online or offline store which was asked by customers. Above given all information and details are accurate which helps you while returning your product to store. to take knowledge of other store’s return rules.

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