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Macy’s Return Policy Guidelines

Are you had bought anything from Macys online or offline store? If yes, then in some cases you have problem with that item because of any reasons related to that item or with that store’s services. At that time this post Macy’s Return Policy Guidelines helps you in whatever help you want to return that item to Macys online or Offline store. Many customers who regularly buy whatever they want and available at Macys store, have known about Macy’s return policy and Macy’s replacement (exchange) or refund policy. This post is helpful for those customers who recently starting them shopping from Macys store and they want to return that item because of any issues related to that item.

You can shop best products from Macys online store by visiting We give all information about rules, regulations, details and how to return purchased item to online. Here we give all true, genuine and accurate information about Macys. If you want to know briefly about what is Macys return policy, read below mentioned post which helps you in easily returning of your product to Macys. Let’s start; understanding what this post wants to tell you.

Macy's Return Policy

Macys Return Policy

When you buy any item from Macys online or offline store, at that time sell prices are different for different products. Same as return time for return that item to Macys are different for different items. If you want know, what return time limit for your product is. Read below mentioned Macys return policy rules. These rules are strictly applicable on your item, when you return it. And your item is only acceptable if your item follow below mentioned rules.

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Macys Return Policy Rules

 Macys store gives you the best product, when you order it. But for any reasons you are not completely satisfied, they will gladly accept many items returns within 180 days of purchase day.

Some exceptions are in Macys 180-day return policy, which is explained below. Small electrics:- if you are not happy with you purchase, you will gladly return your ordered item in 60 days time limit from purchase.

Furniture:- for furniture 3 days time limit available for returning from  the date of delivery. If you are not in condition to set up for delivery, Macys hold your product for up to 60 days. After 60 days your order will be considered as a cancel order. If you bought furniture directly from Macy’s vendor, that furniture get 30 days time limit for return it.

Quick ship furniture ordered by you cannot be returned to the store. If you give special order for you, that item is manufactured especially for you. For this Macy’s requires 25% non-refundable deposit from you. If you cancel special order, your 25% deposit not refunded to you. Which furniture you return must require in original condition and in its original packaging with all tags. For further help you shall call at 1.800.289.6229.

Mattress:- mattress’s bedding must be require undamaged, unsoiled and free of strains for return. Same as furniture Macy’s store hold your order for mattress for up to 6o days, if you are not in condition to take delivery. After 60 days your mattress order will be cancel. Those planes whose came with your order, cancel after return and fees will be refunded in your account. Delivery fees, $85 pick up fee, 15% restocking fee cut from your refund.

Home accessories (Mirrors/Wall art/Lighting) :- Mirrors, wall, lighting art are only return for preference reasons within 30 days of the purchase date. If your shopped item arrives damaged, you should call at 1-800-289-6289 for assistance.

Apple products: – Apple smart phones get 14 days time limit for return and other apple products get 30 days time limit for return. Apple products are not accepted as return in all Macys store, it is only returnable to applicable stores.

Designer brands:- purchases of designer brands like Burberry, Gucci, long champ, Louis vuitton and Tous must be returned in 14 days time limit from purchase date with original packaging and all tags. Alexander London brand purchases are not acceptable for return or exchange.

Cosmetic/fragrance/bluemercury purchase:- Cosmetic, fragrance, bluemercury purchases have 180 days time limit for return. Lush cosmetics are only returned at whose stores which have lush products.

Personal care/Dresses (junior & social):- Dresses and personal care items have 60 days time limit for return it to Macys. Unsaleable and mismatched garment sets are not accepted as a return.

Jewelry/Watches/optical/area rugs/Macys backstage items:- jewelry, watches, optical, area rugs , and Macys backstage items have 30 days time limit for return it to Macys.

  Below mentioned products are not returnable or exchangeable

(Gourmet food & wine, Bridal salon by Demetrios sales, Beauty box, altered or personalized items)

Furs have a 30 day time limit for return and finish line products have 45 day time limit for return it to Macys. If any bonus card came with your shopped product, you must be returned it with that product. If you not return it, its charge deducts from your refund. Whenever you return your item, please return it with its original packaging and all tags. Whose charges cut at your delivery time, are not refundable. Other charges like installation, labor, and delivery charges no will be refunded in your Macys account.

When you buy any item from Macys online or offline store, and up to 10 days decrease happened in price of that item, you are able to receive that price difference from nearest Macys store by showing that item’s original sales receipt. It is called Macys price adjustment policy.

Macys online or offline store reserve rights for decline return or exchange or decline refund.

How to Return Purchased Item to Macys:

Macys wants to make customers happy and full satisfy with its services. But for any reasons you are not happy or fully satisfy with its services. There are two different methods for return item to Macys online or offline store. Read below described ways.

1:-Returning purchased item by visiting nearest Macy’s store

  • First you need to find nearest Macy’s store to your location.
  • Then, you need to go in the store and you need to meet customer service employee of that store.
  • After that, you want to fill up return form.
  • Then, you want to tell returning reason of that item to that customer service employee.
  • Then, you want to show original sales receipt of that item to store’s employee which handle this type of matter. Pack that product by its original packaging and with all tags; return it to Macy’s store.
  • When complete this all process, refund process for your item has been started.

2:-Returning purchased item by mail

  • Open official website of Macys.
  • Then, sign up or sign in your Macys account.
  • Then, click on the my order list which is located at the corner of the home page and select item which you want to return.
  • Then, fill up all information like name, address, order number, contact number in return form, which is required for return.
  • Then, type returning reason of that item.
  • Then, make ready that item for return with its original packaging and all tags and courier it.
  • When upper mentioned all steps are complete, refund will be transferred in to your account in servel days time by Macys.

Advice for you

After shopping visit Macys online store up to 10 days for knowing about your purchased product price, if any decrease happens in that item’s price, you will get that price difference by visiting nearest Macys store. Clear your personal data from packaging of that item, whose return by you. By returning your item to nearest Macy’s store, you will be able for fast refund.


We hope so this post Macys return policy guidelines guides you and helps you, for knowing further store’s return policies, visit our site

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