How to Return Policy Lulus Step-by-Step Process Guidelines

You have to check the Lulus Return Policy before returning the product to the Lulus Store or Here I will give you the proper guidance on the Lulus Return Policy. So, check the Lulus Return Conditions before returning the items. Here you get the answer to all the questions related to the Lulus Return Policy.

You have to follow the return policy of the Lulus Store to return the product. You also know that if you follow the return policy of Lulus, you will get your money back without facing any problem. Some people do not follow the lulu’s return policy, so you have an issue with a refund.

You have to pay shipping charges when returning the item. You cannot return some item to the Lulus store like you have washed the item, you have used it, you have thrown away it’s original packaging, you cannot return the product to Lulus.

Introduction of Lulus Store and Lulus Return Policy

Lulus are selling the women’s clothing, shoes, accessories, intimates, and swimwear, and it’s basically an American Retail Company. So, you have the best option to buy items from the Lulus. Lulu has become a kind of brand as it has been selling women’s clothing, shoes, accessories, intimates, and swimwear for 24 years and many women and girls prefer to shop from Lulus.

Lulus Return Policy

Lulus Return Policy states that in Lulus you can return the product within 30 days, but you must not use that product, that you must not wash the item, return the item with the original tags along with the original packaging.

If you return the item to Lulus within 10 days, Lulus does not charge you shipping charges, but if you return the item after 10 days, you will have to pay $7 Shipping Chargers.

What is Lulus Exchange Policy?

Available More than 25 final sale items, if available, are subject to varying sizes. No refunds, refunds or credit for final sale items are available online. No exchange for final sale items under $25.

The above-mentioned terms and conditions apply to exchange policy as well. So you have a time limit of 30 days to exchange the item. And you have to pay for the shipping charges. You must return the item within 10 days to avoid shipping charges.

Friends, in the same thing you can exchange an item for, in a different size, in a different color, you cannot exchange one item for another. You must also first call Lulus Customer Service to ask if the exchange is unavailable.

This was the Lulus Return Policy and Lulus Exchange Policy, if you want to return the item to Lulus you have to follow these conditions, otherwise you are not allowed to return the item. Let us now know how you can return the item to Lulus.

Lulus Return: Terms & Conditions

You have a 30-day time limit to return the item to Lulus. You also have to be careful with some conditions that the item should not be washed, the item should not be worn, the item should have original packing, and all tags on the item should be.

Be aware that you can only return the item within 10 days, otherwise you will have to pay $7 Shipping Chargers for returning the item after 10 days.

You cannot return an item after using certain items. I have given the list of such products below so that you will know which product should not be used if you want to return it. “Makeup, Animal Hair, Dander, Deodorant, Perfume, or similar product stains”

If you have purchased shoes, and you want to return the Shoes to Lulus, you will need to return the Shoes to its original box. You are not allowed to return the shoes knowing that the shoebox has been inadvertently damaged.

Similarly, you will have to return the Handbags & Purses in their original packing. You cannot return gift cards to Lulus, and you cannot return items sold in the final sale.

How to return or exchange an item

You will need a return label to return or exchange the product, as they will know for what reason you are returning or exchanging the item. First, we will know how to get the return label. You will need to follow the procedure below to get the return label.

Step 1: Open the to return or exchanging the product.

Step 2: You have two options to get a return label, you can sign in via using the Lulus Account or you can also use the Email Address and Order ID to get a return label. Use anyone’s step.

Step 3: Now you have to fill-up the form, and tell the reason for returning the product. Then you print or download the return label.

Step 4: Apply it to the packaged item to return the return label. Then visit the nearest USPS or UPS carrier service and send the item to the address given in the return label.

Here’s how to get an item’s return label. Using this method, you can get an item’s return label. But if you want to exchange the item, first you have to make a reason or complaint by calling Lulus Customer Service Associate, so call the Lulus Customer Service numbers below and talk about the exchange.

Lulus Customer Service Number: 1-866-918-5858

When you get a refund

While Lulus will receive the item you returned, and you will receive your refund in the next 10 days. Before your refund is due, you will receive a confirmation via email stating the refund amount and other details.


You can easily return the item to Lulus by using the information provided above, which gives you information about Lulus Return Policy. Sometimes people who have difficulty returning the item will have to report the problem by calling Lulus Customer Service.

If the information provided here is helpful to you, you can use this to find out information about the return policy of any other store.

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