Lucy in the Sky Return Policy After 30 Days? 2023

Lucy in the Sky Return Policy This article will go over the process of returning Lucy in the Sky items and also other frequently asked questions related to how to complete the Lucy in the Sky returning procedure.

Lucy in the Sky is an online store for clothing which offers clothing and accessories that will make you stand out in the crowd.

While their clothes and accessories are available online, stores can make shopping more stressful because you don’t get the chance to test your clothes prior to you make a purchase.

Lucy in the Sky Return Policy

Lucy in the Sky Return Policy?

Lucy in the Sky gives you the opportunity to make use of 14 days starting the date you get your purchase to initiate the procedure for seeking the refund.

After the request has been accepted at the conclusion this process, client is sent an email with an account number for credit cards.

Returns are offered at no cost to those who ship within the United States; for international returns, the purchaser is accountable for the costs to ship.

If you purchased something from a shop, the similar rules will apply. You must, however, return the product to the store as it was purchased in the original undisturbed condition with receipt, and you don’t have to fill out the Return Request in the exact method as you do when returning on the internet.

Return Period 14 Days
Return Method Online or in-store
Exchange Period 14 Days
Exchange Method Online or in-store
Refund Period 7-10 business days
Refund Method Original Method of Payment

How Do I Return My Order?

You are able to return any item to receive credit from the retailer within 14 days from the date that the product was purchased. Returns are processed quickly, generally within 20 days of receiving the item. The credit voucher via email.

If a new purchase must be made urgently, and in a hurry, then we’ll issue credit to your business in advance. when the package has been delivered to USPS rather, the customer may place an order for another one, and we’ll send you an actual refund to the payment method to return your original purchase.

If you’re an United States customer, if you log in or create an account with the link below, you’ll be able to make an unpaid USPS return label to return any purchase.

Enter your Order History section, go to your order, and then select”Create Return Label. Create Return Label option. There is no additional information required from you, since the return label contains all the details you require.

If you’ve placed an order but didn’t already have an account on the site, then you may make use of the same email address to establish an account. You can also access your return labels. Be sure the product is in the original state. In the event that it is not, it can get returned.

If any of your styles has been damaged, or is delayed in delivery, the buyer has the right to a full return, store credit, or reimbursement of the repair cost. Please get in touch with us at [email protected] with a picture of the fault/quality issue before returning your styles in these specific cases.

We suggest that you allow minimum 10 days for any refunds that you have received to be reflected on your bank account balance.

If you’re a customer who is not from in the United States, returning shipping must be paid for by the purchaser. Include the order information in the return package, and then return your package to the address below The address is below:

  • Lucy in the Sky, Inc.
  • 1200 Wall Street, Floor 2
  • Los Angeles, California
  • 90015
  • United States

How to Return Lucy in the Sky Products

For a return to be initiated start, you’ll need to set up an account to return the item through the website. After your account has been established as well as verified, you’ll be able to design an pre-paid USPS return label. 

The label is available within the “Order History” section, after which you can find the order that you have to return. Print the label and then return it to the nearest USPS drop-off point.

How Strict is the Lucy in the Sky Return Policy?

Regarding its rigor Regarding strictness, The Lucy in the sky’s Return policy on returns is more rigorous than other stores online. The deadline for returning goods to the store in question has a time limit of 14 days following the day of delivery.

The product must be received in the exact state that it was delivered in. If not, you may be in danger of having your product returned to you.

Lucy in the Sky Refund Policy

Returns that are accepted on a regular basis are refunded with credits to the retailer. If, however, the issue is caused by something that has been delayed or damaged, you could opt for a full cash refund, store credit and reimbursement to cover repair costs. 

For damaged and delayed products, email with a picture of the issue and someone will get back to you within 10 days.

Lucy in the Sky Exchange Policy

Lucy in the Sky doesn’t provide direct exchanges for customers. However the store credit that you receive when you request the process of requesting a refund can be used in lieu of an official “exchange.”

Additionally, Lucy in the Sky states that you are able to make a purchase from scratch, and they’ll manage the purchase with one of the payment methods they prefer rather than creating a new purchase.

Does Lucy in the Sky Take Returns Item After 30 Days?

Lucy in the Sky can only be returned up to 14 days following the date you received the product.

Does Lucy in the Sky Take Returns Item Without a Receipt?

Lucy in the Sky is an online store. This means that you don’t need an invoice for returns. All you need to do is login to the site with your email address to create an account, and then create the return shipping address. 

If you purchased something on the site, but did not have an account established, you are able to utilize the email you supplied at the moment of purchase to generate your return labels.

Does Lucy in the Sky Have Free Returns?

Lucy in the Sky offers free returns to those who sends their goods within in the United States. If you’re shipping internationally, the purchaser is accountable for the shipping cost.

What Product Can’t be Returned to Lucy in the Sky?

The items that were in use for more than 14 days and look to be worn out cannot be exchanged for Lucy on the Sky. While the company does not specifically declare that the items they have worn can’t be returned, it is believed that items used gently are accepted up to an amount of.

What’s the time frame for Lucy in the Sky’s refunds take?

Returns are processed on this site within 20 days of receiving the item that is defective. Based on the wait time to return the item, this may be longer or shorter than the usual 20 days.

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