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Hey guys, if you bought anything from Kmart online store, and you have a problem either with working or with the esthetic look and any other problems with that product than Kmart return policy post gives you information that helps you in returning that product which was purchased from Kmart online store.

This post gives all information about Kmart return policy and Kmart refund and replacement (exchange) policy. Regular customers of Kmart online general store and shop your way members know all about the return policy. But if you are the new member, then read carefully below-mentioned return policy.

You can shop the best products from Kmart online store by visiting official website or by visiting the nearest store of Kmart. The returning processes for all products are not the same but do not take the stress.

We give all information about rules, regulations and how to return a purchased item to the online or offline Kmart store. Let’s get started with the understanding about the What is Kmart Return Policy.

Kmart Return Policy

Many customers who purchased their items by visiting the Kmart store or from Kmart online store have different ways of returning or exchanging the product. There are different ways of shopping so obviously different ways are for returning purchased items.

Kmart Return Policy

By using the first method, if any Kmart store is near to you then you can return or exchange product with its original receipt. Note that the original receipt is compulsory, require. By using second way, you can return the item by visiting the official website at

Kmart Return Policy Rules

  • Home Appliances → Some products like bed frames, headboards, mattresses, foundations, footboards are only acceptable if there are with the original packaging including accessories, manuals, and parts along with the original receipt.
  • Different time limit → Whatever you bought from offline or online Kmart store has some specified time limit for return or exchange that item. Every item has a different time limit for returning.
  • Undamaged Products Return → Above-mentioned household items are required to return in 7 days. These items are only returnable if their original sealed bag, not opened. Returned items must require undamaged, unsoiled, and free of strains or infestations and all law tags must be attached to those products.
  • Member’s or Non-member Return Policy → That items which are purchases without delivery or installation has returning limit of 45 days for shop your way member and 30 days limit for non-members.
  • Electronics → For electronics items 30 days time limit available for non-members and 45 days available for shop your way members.
  • Customer Helpline → Shop your way members get 45 days time and non-members get 30 days time for returning the product if it’s missing parts or damaged. You can also get help from Kmart customer helpline number 877-550-9254 to replace the product.
  • Furniture → upholstered furniture for indoors and recliners, sofas or any other items related to furniture are must be required to return in 7-day time limit from when you purchased that item.
  • Repairable or Exchangeable → Those base foundations and beds are not returnables whose are adjustable. Those items are directly repairable or exchangeable to manufactures on manufactures warranty. Kmart is not responsible for these products.

Kmart Non-Refundable Items & Products

  • If you purchased valentine, Easter, Halloween and Christmas products. Those products are non-returnable after the holiday and if you purchased holiday season items after holidays that are final sales and those items are not returnable.
  • Below-mentioned products are non-returnable.
    (Custom and personalized items, Custom jewelry, prescription drugs, adjustable beds and foundations, gift cards)
  • Opened music CD, movies, software, collectibles, and video games not accepted by Kmart store as a return. if an identical item is defective, then it can be exchanged.
  • If the user receives an item by exchanging that product whose bought from Kmart online store. Then that item is only eligible for exchange, not for return.

Kmart Rules for Return & Refund Policy

  • First, for a refund, the user’s identification required.
  • Refund will be issued in the same way that user prefer for a shop that product.
  • Returning shipping charges deducted from your refund.
  • If the user received any gift cards or any other skim with that returned product. Those gift cards and any other skims became unusable.
  • Labor, delivery and other installation charges not will be refunded in your Kmart account.
  • If a user gets a gift receipt with the product. It can be either exchanged or refunded in form of gift card.

Returning items purchased from Kmart Third-party sellers

  • Those items whose purchased from third-party sellers who sell their items on Kmart website do not return to Kmart warehouse or to user’s local Kmart store.
  • All damaged and incorrect products that are purchased from third-party sellers are directly return to third-party sellers.
  • All marketplace sellers have their own individual return policies & requirements for return. The user can find these policies on marketplace seller page at Kmart official website. It can be found by clicking on seller name and then on seller’s return policy link.
  • Those items that are sold by Kmart marketplace vendor, return in which way that indicated on user’s packing slip.
  • All international sales of products sold or fulfilled by these third-party sellers are not the responsibility of Kmart. Kmart does not support returns for these products.

Returning promotional offers items

  • User bought an item as part of a promotional offer and return that item, Kmart will refund the amount of product price. But if the user receives any discount, bonus item or points earned with that item had been minus from refund. Example: if the user is shop your way member, earned points cut from user’s shop your way account.
  • Kmart reserve the right to change exchange or return rules or decline a refund. If the return period of the item is over or the item has been used, then the manufacturer’s warranty may apply. For more information about manufacturer’s warranty, see the manual of that product. Kmart considers user’s problem as the company’s fault and takes rapid action on it.

How to return purchased item from Kmart

Regular customers or shop your way member knows how to return bought item from Kmart. If you do not know about returning ways, then you want to read returning ways information given below.

There are 2 ways of returning item which is purchased from Kmart. using this details of returning ways, you can easily return your product to Kmart. Read carefully below-mentioned ways to easily return.

Returning item through visiting nearest Kmart store

  1. Find the nearest Kmart store to you. If you do not know about the nearest store, then click here
  2. You want to meet an employee of that store which handles the customer’s problems.
  3. Then you have to tell about returning reason of that item.
  4. If you would not have your original receipt of that item, they will not accept your return.
  5. So make sure, you carry the original product receipt with you.
  6. After completing these steps, you will receive your refund.

Kmart Returning the purchased item by Mail

  1. Open the official website of Kmart at
  2. After that, sign in your Kmart account.
  3. Then go to your order list and select that item which you want to return.
  4. For return item, you have to provide the returning reason.
  5. Then fill up require information about you.
  6. After that, pack that product and return it by courier.

Kmart Advice for you

If you want an instant refund, then you have to return your product to the nearest store of Kmart. Always read rules of returning that item which you want to buy. Because different items have them own different returning rules. We give all information deeply in this post.


We know all problems whose faces by users while returning them products. So we give all genuine and true information that helps you to return the product at Kmart online or offline store.

if you bought the product from any other online store and have an issue to return that product then visit our website and read that company’s return policy which may help you.

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