Harbor Freight Return and Exchange Policy

Harbor Freight’s return policy is very straightforward. Harbor Freight does not mince words when it comes to returning items.

It can be confusing to understand the process of returning hazardous materials and replacing them. Harbor Freight’s returns policy is easy to understand.

Continue reading to learn more about Harbor Freight’s return- and exchange policy, as well what items might not be accepted.

What is Harbor Freight’s Return Policy and how do I apply it?

Harbor Freight will accept most items back for a full exchange or refund within 90 days. Unfortunately, certain items are not eligible for return due to hazardous wastes. Others items may be subjected to a restocking charge. Harbor Freight also offers a warranty, which can be helpful if your product is damaged beyond repair.

Harbor Freight Return and Exchange Policy

Harbor Freight has a wide variety of products, so their return policy can be a bit vague.

Return Window You have a 90-day return window
Exchange Window Return window of 90 days
Refund Period 7–10 Days
Sprayers and Pumps Certain forms can’t be returned once they have been opened. You will need a form to complete
Hand Tools There is a 90-day grace period for returns, and a lifetime warranty for any damage.

Some items can’t be returned if they are opened for safety reasons. These are items that contain dangerous chemicals.

How do I return a Harbor Freight Item

To Return in-Store

  1. Before you return any item to the shop, ensure that all oil and gas are properly drained.
  2. Harbor Freight Stores are available.
  3. Be sure to have proof of purchase and government-issued ID.
  4. Money can be either returned to the card with which it was purchased, or you might get cash.

To Return by Mail

  1. First, you need to obtain a Return Authorization.
  2. Include your order number, reason for returning the item, and your reason.
  3. Return the item in its original packaging.

A manager can refuse to accept any return, refund or exchange. There may be a 20% restocking fee on some items.

To avoid any restocking fee:

  1. The item must remain in its original condition and not be opened.
  2. Exchange items for an updated product of the same category
  3. Extended Service Plan: Item replaced
  4. Under manufacturer warranty, item is replaced

Can you return an online order to the store?

Yes. Products containing flammable liquids, gases, or hazardous materials must all be returned to the store.

What is the Harbor Freight Return Policy?

The return policy is flexible because it is up to the manager to decide on exchanges and returns. Some items are subject to strict return policies due to hazardous materials laws. The policy for returning items that have contained hazardous materials or oils is strict in order to protect all parties.

Harbor Freight Exchange Policy

Most items can be exchanged within a period of 90 days. They offer full exchanges for items that are unopened and in good conditions, as well as non-hazardous articles that have been opened, so long as they’re in good shape.

Harbor Freight offers a 90-day warranty for items that break. The lifetime warranty on hand tools means that if they break, you can exchange them with a new item or an identical one.

Harbor Freight Refund Policy

Harbor Freight does not accept returns or refunds for certain items such as sprayers, pumps, and chemicals that have been opened.

Harbor Freight return the item in its original packaging. Also, you must have the original packaging or receipt.

Harbor Freight Accepts Returns without a Receipt

Harbor Freight accepts returns without receipt as long you have proof of purchase. For a return authorization, contact customer service if you don’t have proof of purchase.

What items can’t be returned to Harbor Freight

Harbor Freight will not accept items containing dangerous chemicals. Spays and pumps are not allowed to be returned. To determine if yours is eligible for return, please fill out the RETURNING ITEMS.

Some exceptions

Because of the dangers involved in mailing these products, items containing flammable fluids, gasses or other hazardous materials cannot be returned by mail. You may also not be able to return certain items that are open and contain hazardous materials.

Some products also have a restocking fee. However, they don’t specify the items.

How long does it take for Harbor Freight refunds to be processed?

It can take up to three days for a refund if you mail your items.

In-store returns can be returned within 1-3 business days. You may also receive a cash refund.

Can I return a Harbor freight product that has been used?

Harbor Freight items may be returned after they have been used, provided that they do not contain any hazardous chemicals. Some items can’t be returned after being opened. Customer service is the best way to find out if an item can be returned.

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