Flipkart Return Policy with Refund and Exchange Product, 2023

Flipkart is one of India’s most popular online shopping site. It offers a variety of choices and offers to customers. However, it often occurs that you aren’t satisfied with the items which aren’t up to the standards because of one reason or other.

If that happens, you can simply exchange or return the product through Flipkart by following their Flipkart Return policy. This is what the Flipkart Return or Exchange policy operates. Flipkart Product Returns Easy Process.

Flipkart Online store company

Customer service: 044 4561 4700
Founders: Binny Bansal, Sachin Bansal
Founded: 2007, Bangalore
CEO: Kalyan Krishnamurthy, (2017)
Headquarters: Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.
Revenue: 43,615 cr, INR
Employees: 30,000, (2016)
Website: www.flipkart.com

how to return step-by-step guide to products on Flipkart

1. Join Flipkart and then go to the ‘Orders’ tab.

2. Click on the option ‘Return’ to make an inquiry.

3. Choose the reason you are eligible to return – according to which option. Three options are accessible:

  • exchange: Your order will be exchanged with a different, identical product in the same size and colour.
  • Replacement: The product you purchased will be replaced with an equivalent product in the event it’s damaged (broken or damaged) or is defective (has an issue that prevents it from being able to function).
  • REFUND: If the product that you are looking for isn’t available in the size, color and model or it’s not in inventory, you can decide to get the money returned. In this case, you could select “Refund” and have the money return to you.

4. The procedure will vary based on what nature of the product you would like to return, the return request might need to go through an approval process.

5. Following through the process of verification and verify your purchase in accordance with the type of the item you purchased.

6. To ensure a seamless return process, keep all essential items in your possession, such as the original invoice, packaging and price tags, as well as freebies and accessories.

7. the Pick-up and delivery of the product that you purchased will be scheduled by hand in the event of exchanges or replacements.

NOTE:Flipkart will then send someone to take the item, then provide a replacement. You’ll receive emails throughout the entire process. If you’ve asked to refund your money, it will be processed and initiated in the event that it is applicable.

Flipkart Return Policy

What is the time that the return policy lasts for Flipkart?

When you submit your request for a return or exchange online, You will receive an email to your email address that you have registered, as well as an SMS to the mobile number you registered on.

You can follow the entire process on My Account, My Account section, My Orders. If you’re in for an exchange, the replacement item will be shipped to you simultaneously with the pick-up will be done in most cases. It is also possible to keep record of your order.

How can I keep track of the status of an order?

Here’s how to follow the progress of your purchase

Step 1. Go into my order (On your orders, you’ll be able to see everything you’ve purchased on the list)

Step 2. Select your purchase

Step 3. After selecting, you’ll be provided with your tracking numbers. (you’ll notice the vertical line which maps the delivery schedule of your order)

Returns, Cancellations & Refund Policy

Returns is a service offered by sellers who offer the possibility of return and refunds is provided to customers by the seller. The products that are listed under a specific category might not be covered by the same return policy.

1. Order Cancellations:

  • Customers are able to cancel their order prior to the time it is delivered for a Full Refund plus shipping fee reimbursement. If the order is not prepaid, there is no refund available.
  • If the order comprises several shipments, the customer can choose to defer one or more of the shipments and receive a partial reimbursement plus the associated shipping fee refund.
  • Removing all the shipments of an order is equivalent to a total cancellation of the order as described in the bullet point above of this article. If the order is not prepaid, there is no refund available.
  • If the seller is unable to fulfill the entire or part of the order, customers receive full/partial refund and full/attributed shipping fee reimbursement accordingly. For orders that are not pre-paid, there is no refund available.
  • If the buyer cannot or refuses to take full or partial delivery of the package after three delivery attempts, it will be completely or partially removed. The customer will receive a full or partial refund plus full/attributed shipping fee reimbursement. For orders that are not prepay there is no refund available.

2. Returns

The policy on returns is split into two sections: Do study each section carefully to fully understand the terms and circumstances in the circumstances that returns are accepted.

Returns pick-up & processing:

  • The buyer can return the whole purchase in any of the reasons listed above, and receive a complete refund and full shipping fee refund.
  • If an order consists of several shipments, the customer is able to send back one or more of the shipments (partial orders) and receive a partial refund plus an attributed refund for shipping fees.
  • The customer may also return a portion of any package and receive a partial reimbursement plus attributed shipping fee reimbursement.
  • Returns that are related with the exact shipment need to be completed at the same at the same time.
  • In return for the product, the customer must ensure that the correct item is returned with all brand tags intact.

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