DSW Return Policy with Refund and Exchange Product

Here, we are giving you information about DSW online or offline store’s return policy. Whenever anyone of you purchases any product from DSW store. And in case anyone of you is not happy or not fully satisfied with your purchase at that time this post DSW return policy guidelines helps and guide (direct) to you, how to return your purchased item to DSW online or offline store.

This post gives you true, genuine, and trustable information and details, which gives you guidance about returning that product to the DSW store. By the way, any one of you have the guess about full form DSW, its full form is ‘’Designer shoe warehouse’ but it also sells fragrances, dry shampoos, nail polish, facial care products.

Customers, who regularly buy what they want from DSW online or offline store and DSW VIP CLUB, DSW VIP GOLD, DSW VIP ELITE members know about DSW’s rules, regulations and whose ways are available for the return that item. But new customers are not known too much, this post helps them very much.

If you are not known about DSW return or replacement policy rules and DSW refund rules, do not worry. We give all genuine and true information about DSW return policy in this post.  You want a shopping visit on www.DSW.com If you want to know about DSW return policy, read bellowed information.

DSW Return Policy

New customers of DSW have lots of questions in the mind about returning product and refund. Here in this post, we will give all answer of customer’s questions in form of this post-DSW return policy guidelines. www.dsw.com There are different ways of shopping from DSW.

DSW Return Policy

So obviously there are different ways are available for returning those items to DSW. DSW store strictly follows its return policy, so your item is accepted by DSW if that item follows DSW return policy rules. If you want to know about these returning ways and policy rules, then read below-mentioned details.

DSW Return Policy Rules

  • All online or offline store’s products have the different time limit for the return to that store. But in the case of DSW, all items whose are returnable or exchangeable have a 60-day time limit from purchase day for return it to DSW online or offline store.
  • There are different shipping charges apply for the different type of delivery. If you want your delivery in 4-7 business days, $7.95 shipping charges may be applied for this standard delivery. if you want to get delivery in 2 business days,$14.95 shipping charges may apply for this second business day delivery. If you want to get your delivery in 1 business day, $24.95 shipping charges may apply for this next business day delivery. So shipping charges vary with varies the time of delivery.
  • If you bought an item from a DSW Canada store or from online at dswcanada.ca. You are not able to return or exchange it to DSW in us. For those products, you want to use DSW Canada store or upper given website.
  • If you are the member of DSW VIP CLUB, DSW VIP GOLD, DSW VIP ELITE, you will get more benefits than the non-member. If you are non-member or DSW VIP CLUB’s member, you will get free in-store returns, free exchange, and online return in $8.50 shipping charges, return an item in 60 days.
  • If you are a DSW VIP GOLD member then, you will get free in-store returns, free exchange, free return, and 60 days time limit.
  • If you are a DSW VIP ELITE member then, you will get the free in-store return, free online return, free exchange, and 365 days available for return any item purchased from DSW.
  • Some items sell from DSW is ‘’FINAL SALE’’. it may be not accepted as a return or exchange for many reasons and these items are mentioned below.

(Fragrances, dry shampoos, facial care products, products containing alcohol, rechargeable batteries, and rechargeable devices (specialty products)

  • If Specialty products are unopened, they will accept as a return. You can return these specialty products only at DSW offline store, not at dsw.com.
  • If you purchase an item with any DSW certificates or offer codes, this will be refunded back into you DSW account, when you return that item.
  • DSW takes 7-10 days for process your return and refund to you in the same way of your payment. Store cut $8.50 shipping fee from your refund.
  • If you bought your product with DSW reward or with visa credit card, no shipping charges deduct from your account when you return your item to DSW.
  • If you receive your item as a gift, the refund will be transferred to that card which is used for purchase.
  • If you return your item after 60 days with original sales receipt, you receive the refund as the full amount of that merchandise in the eGift card. And returns made without the original sales receipt, receive the refund as a price of that merchandise at that time in the eGift card.
  • If you purchase your item by using PayPal, return your item to DSW store, because of center representative have not permission for login to your account.
  • If you have not the original receipt,(driver’s license, passport, military id) considered for your proof.
  • All international sales of products sold or fulfilled by these third-party sellers are not responsibility DSW.
  • DSW reserve rights for decline return or exchange and decline refunds.

How to return purchased item from DSW

If you bought an item from the DSW store, you can return it to DSW.com. You have the problem either with the esthetic look of that product or with store’s services, you can return it to DSW by three ways, which are briefly explained below.

1. Return your purchased item to the nearest DSW store.

  • Find nearest DSW store from your location.
  • Then, go to that store and meet the manager of that store.
  • And tell him/her, why you want to return your item.
  • Then, fill up return form for return your item to that store.
  • After fill, that form, pack your product with original packaging and your item must be unworn.
  • After completing this upper explained steps, your refund process started.

2. Returning purchased the item by mail

  • Open the official website of DSW at www.dsw.com
  • Then, go to the home page of DSW and click my order list, which is located at the corner.
  • Then, click on that item, which you want the return to DSW.
  • Fill up return form of that item and required information like your name, address, order number, contact number, which are compulsory.
  • Then, packs your item in its original packaging with all tags and items must be required unworn, unused for return.
  • After completing upper briefly explained steps, courier your item to DSW for start refunds.

3. Return your purchased item by using pre-paid FedEx service

  • Find nearest FedEx office to you.
  • FedEx service use for shipping in the only US, outside of US is not permittable to make the return using this way.
  • Visit FedEx service office and repack your item, send it to DSW office.

Advice for you

Please remove your personal data and account information from your item’s packaging whose you want to return. If you use PayPal for purchase, return your item to DSW offline store and main benefit, you will be able for a quick refund.


We hope so this post- DSW Return Policy Guidelines properly guided you and give information about the criterion of return rules, DSW Returns And Refund Policies for this type of posts of other store’s return policy.

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