Cotton On Return Policy with Exchange and Refund Item

What do you think Cotton On return policy like? What is the time frame you have to return an item? Cotton On has a return policy that reads “Change Your Mind Anytime.” There’s no time limit for returning or exchange items you’ve rethought about.

You are also able to return defective products at any time. Returns can be made in person at the store or by mail. The items must to be in pristine in good condition. You’ll also require proof of purchase to be eligible for an exchange.

In this article, we’ll dive into the Cotton On return policy and the best way you can return the item in-store as well as online.

Cotton On Return Policy
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What’s Cotton On’s return Policy?

Cotton On lets you return or exchange products that you’ve altered your mind on or found to be defective in a way. The only requirement is the receipt or proof of purchase.

If you purchased the product in a shop and you want to return it, you need to return it to the store in order to exchange or return it. There is no way to exchange online purchases. If you purchased the item on the internet, you may return it to a shop or can send it back.

Cotton On Return Policy with Exchange and Refund

Returned for Change Of Mind: There is no deadline to make a return in the event that you’ve altered your mind about the item. The items you’d like to send back must be in brand new condition, which means the items are unworn, clean and with labels and tags still attached.

Refunds that are defective: If you’ve found the item to be damaged, defective or damaged, or different from the prototype, Cotton On will follow the legal requirements for the country from which you purchased it. There is no time frame to make the return of a damaged product.

Do I require a receipt to return an item purchased from Cotton On?

Yes, you’ll need the receipt of an in-store purchase, or an online proof of purchase in order to return the item you purchased from Cotton On.

If you are returning a damaged product, Cotton On may accept the bank statement as proof of purchase in the event you don’t have the receipt.

What is the best way to return an item I purchased from Cotton On?

If you bought the product from the Cotton On store, you must return it to an outlet in the same location you bought it.

If you purchased the item online, you are able to return it at the store or by sending it back. Returns of any kind must be done in the store.

You don’t have a period of time in which to exchange the merchandise but it must be in a brand new in good, unopened condition and have tags still attached.

You’ll need an original receipt or proof of purchase to return your purchase. When it is possible, all returned items are refunded to the payment method used initially.

Returning an item to the following manner:

It is possible to return items purchased in a shop or purchased online by taking the product to the store. You can also exchange the item in store. To get a refund immediately make sure you have the following items in your possession prior to entering the Cotton On store:

  • This is the item that you would like to return in unused condition, with tags still intact.
  • Your receipt or online proof of purchase.
  • If it is applicable, the debit or credit card you purchased the item with.

Cotton On will not offer refunds in-store for products purchased with Klarna and Quadpay, or afterpay.

To return an item via the post:

You can return products bought online by sending them back. There is no way to exchange products via shipping. You must visit a shop.

Your refund won’t be immediate if you send the item back, rather it can take between 10 and 14 days to complete the return process.

  • Go to the Cotton On’s return web page right here
  • Click on the link “Click Here to Design an label for UPS’s return”
  • Fill in the form and choose the delivery method that will be used to print the return address. “Email Label” will email an email label to print. “UPS Direct To Mobile” will email you an QR Code on your phone.
  • If you have selected “Email Label” print out the label, pack your item and drop it off at any Access Point of UPS.
  • If you have selected “UPS Direct to Mobile”, take the QR Code displayed on your phone with the package and drop it off at any access point of UPS, and they will wrap your package.

The buyer is accountable for any shipping costs except if the product is defective. If the product is defective and you are able to get a refund of the cost of shipping in the event that the entire order is returned. In order to do this, you’ll be required to prove the cost of shipping.

What will Cotton On use my personal information?

Cotton On may ask for personal details when it processes returns.

The information you provide is used only to process your return. It will be subject to the Privacy guidelines that is in place at Cotton On. For more details.

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