Canadiantire Return Policy with Refund and Exchange Product

Canadiantire Refund and Exchange Product, if you bought any product and face problem related to return or exchange. At that time, this Canadiantire Return Policy Guidelines post helps you very much in returning that item to Canadiantire online or offline store.

This post gives you accurate information and details about Canadiantire return policy and Canadiantire replacement policy. Most of the customers have issue either with item’s esthetic look or with item’s working or with its missing parts rather than any reasons.

So we consider all these issues and give solutions whose are helpful while returning that item to online or offline store of this company. This store sells products related Automotive, Tools & Hardware, Sports & Recreation.

Canadiantire Return Policy

If you want to return your item, for knowing that item is applicable or not applicable for return, Read rules and regulations of this store in this post. Regular customers of Canadiantire have knowledge about returning ways which supported by this store

But new customers do not have any knowledge of returning ways, so we provide solutions of their issue in this post. new buyers whose have problem with them product have lots of queries about how to return that item.

here in this post we will give all answer of customer’s query in form of Canadiantire return policy guidelines. Buyers are easily returning their item with the help of this post.  Let’s get starting understanding about what is Canadiantire return policy.

Canadiantire return policy

Canadiantire store understand responsibilities of it and assures customers of it have not received any defective, hazardous, harmful or faulty items but in case for any reasons’ customer receive defective item or item with missing parts then all information given in this post helps buyers, surely.

You bought any item by visiting nearest Canadiantire store or from Canadiantire online store. Then for returning that item to store, original invoice of that item and packaging of that product require compulsory for return or exchange.

Every item of store have its own criteria and distinction for return or exchange. And every third party seller who associated with Canadiantire has their own return or exchange policies for their products.

There are two ways of returning an item to Canadiantire. By first way, visit the nearest store Canadiantire. Using the second way, go to the official website of and sign up or sign in your account for return.

Canadiantire Return Policy Rules

  • If you want to return any item to Canadiantire, you may get 90 days time period from purchase date. Same time period available for exchange.
  • Item must be only acceptable by Canadiantire, if it is unopened in case of some items, unsoiled, not damaged and must be with that item’s accessories and tags.
  • these stores have some exceptions in its returns’ policy which are described below:
  • Electronics: – Electronics items have 30 days time limit for return & exchange it to store.
  • Some auto electronics items get 14 days time limit for return and exchange it to store.

(Portable DVD, satellite radio, GPS, car audio, backup cameras, Bluetooth, code readers, remote starters)

  • Below-mentioned items required unopened

(Memory cards, flexible beds, DVDs, CDs, cartridges, books, hockey cards, mattresses)

  • If customer place special order for any special automotive parts, customer return & exchange that item to only original store of purchase.
  • If customer get defective piece and customer not return that piece within that item’s criteria time limit then after that item will belong to manufacturer’s warranty for return & exchange.
  • (Gift cards, magazines, clearance, firearms, ammunition, tinted paint)

Upper mention items are not exchangeable or returnable to Canadian tire store.

  • Canadian tire store reserves rights to decline your return if they realize any type of activity which is fraught for the store.

If you want to get help on phone, you may call at online customer support number of store 1-866-746-7287.

How to return purchased item from Canadiantire

All customers are wants to easily returns of their items, if any problem happened related to that item. at that time, information about easier steps or methods given by us, which helps you in returning your item to store. There are two ways, which are deeply explained below.

If you bought any item from an offline store, you cannot return it by mail. If you want to save return of your item, then choose store approved Courier Company.

1:- Returning Purchased Item by Visiting the nearest Canadiantire Store

  • Find Canadiantire store, which is nearest to you.
  • Go to the store, and communicate with customer care associate of that store whose handle return matters of products.
  • Tell that associate, why you should return that item to Canadian store.
  • Pack that item with its original package and with its broken parts and accessories, tags of that item then returns it to that customer care associate.
  • After this all process, you get your refund in same way which you prefer for pay to Canadiantire.

             2:- Returning the purchased item by mail

  • Open official website of Canadiantire.
  • After that, sign in or sign up in to yours Canadiantire account.
  • Then go to my order list on the and select item whose you want to return to store.
  • Then, provide reason of returning that item to Canadiantire.
  • Then, fill up form which is shown on screen and give required information like name, address, order number, contact number of yours.
  • after done this all process, you need to pack that item with its original packaging and with all tags, accessories, coupons and Return it with Canadiantire approved Courier Company.

Then refunding process for Buyer will start and buyer receive refund in same way, which way was used for pay by buyer.

Advice for you

If you want quick return and quick refund, for that, you need to return your product to nearest Canadiantire offline store.  When you shop any product from Canadiantire and you return that item for any reasons, please carefully clear your personal information from that item or from the item’s package.

Canadiantire online store does not take any responsibility for this reason and does not reliable for any misuses of your information. Remind, Canadiantire does not store your details.


We hope so this post “Canadiantire return policy guidelines” useful and helpful to you. So if you want to know about further store’s return policy guidelines, which may be helpful to you and then for knowing about return policies.

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