How to Return Policy Banana Republic Step-by-Step Process Guide

Hey users, you face returning your purchase product at any time, if you face then you might be searching for that particular product return policy online. then today we’re going to talk about the Banana Republic Return Policy.

If you are the customer of Banana Republic or any time you are shopping from Banana Republic Online website then this post going to be amazing for you because we give some useful consideration about the Banana Republic Return Policy.

You can get other information about the Return Policy at Here in this post, we will show you the each and every little detail about the Banana Republic Return Policy. this post contains every topic and different types of returning methods which is showing here step by step.

Therefore, we suggest our users take a deep look of this post and return your purchase item without any query and irritations. Now, let’s understand the what is Banana Republic Return Policy in below section.

Banana Republic Return Policy

As we know that the Banana Republic Company gives a different Return Policy, different types of products and merchandise. The company ensures their users to return your purchased item to the Banana Republic within 60 days from shipping.

But as we know any product returning process have some rule and regulation to return back the item, then users need to understand the Banana Republic Return Policy Rules to successfully return your item to the merchandise.

Banana Republic Return Policy

If you are searching for Banana Republic Return Policy Rules then don’t go any other place. Because this post is a whole package of information about Banana Republic Return Policy Rules. Which we have shown in below section, then read it carefully and understand and apply to your returning process easily.

Banana Republic Return Policy Rules

  • 45 days given by Banana Republic Company to return items which you have at purchased Gap, Old Navy, and the Banana Republic.
  • If you are the resident of Athleta and Hill City, then you can return your purchased item to the company at any time.
  • If your purchased Items are in original condition or unwashed and unworn, then you can be eligible for return policy. Bad condition Items not returning by the process.
  • When you get the damage or defective items from the Banana Republic, then you can return that product anytime.
  • The Banana Republic give a free return process which is not added shipping charges.
  • If you are a resident of Hill City, then you can return your purchased item by Mail only.

We hope that you can understand all the rules about the Banana Republic Return Policy. Now, you need to see the below passage to start the returning process.

How do you return the item to the Banana Republic

This is the most important step of any Return Policy of any Company. Because here are the steps which users need to perform to complete the returning procedure. In this post, we give two or three methods to return your purchased item. then choose your suitable method to return your item to the Banana Republic.

Returning the item By Mail

Some city resident people only return their item to the company by the mail. then follow the useful steps which are given below. If you are the resident of the Hill City, then you can only eligible to return your purchased item through the Mail.

  • First, you need to identify the item and their rules and by using the product return policy create the mailing label.
  • Now, Pack your item with security and if you have an original package of the item, then use that package. and put down the slip of guarantee.
  • You need to take care of the other label, are not counting on the package box.
  • Finally, use the UPS postal services and drop your box at the post office, then wait for a reply.

Finally, your process is done. you have to wait for responding by the Banana Republic. this method is a very easy method. but some people bought an item from the store, then they can return their item by visiting the store. then the step-by-step guide of the second method is given below.

Returning the item By Visiting the Banana Republic Store

The steps of the returning process are stated below, then follow the steps and do your procedure. This method is useful for those users who live near the Banana Republic Store.

  • First, you need to find out the nearest Banana Republic Store to start the procedure.
  • Make sure that you will keep the Conformation email and the bill of your product and the package with proper packaging.
  • Now, Communicate with the Associate about the returning of your product.
  • At next, give your package to the associative and your procedure of returning is over.

This is also the simplest method to return your purchased item to the Banana Republic and get your refund back in a few days. we hope you can learn or understand the details of the returning process. and also can be done your procedure of the returning. Now, you can easily return your purchased item to get your money back.

Advice for you

This process takes some time to complete, then make some patient and when the procedure of returning done. The company gives your refund back to your account.

Banana Republic, GAP, and Old Navy claim that your refund will come in your account from the 45 days from returning your product. So, wait for the process and as soon as the possible, company gives you a refund.


We know that you read this post from up to down to know about the Banana Republic Return Policy. We also sure that this post can help you to return your purchased item to the Banana Republic. If you read this post very carefully, then we sure that your procedure for returning is successfully done.

it happens that you need any help and has any problem related to the Banana Republic Return Policy, then comment us in the comment box. We give a simple solution to your problems in no time. Further details about the other Company and product return policy.

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