Argos Return Policy with Exchange and Refund Product

Argos stock includes everything from furniture to wearable apparel and even sports equipment. You can also return the item if it is not what you expected. We will guide you through the return process and explain any exceptions to Argos policy. Let’s get started.

Argos has a convenient return policy. You can easily return Argos by learning Argos Return Policy. Argos operates in Ireland as well as the United Kingdom. Richard Tompkins established it in 1972.

What is the Argos Return Policy

Argos is a big retailer that offers more than 50000 products through its website, app, or stores. They offer after-sales service that provides support and services for products purchased through their company.

Argos products are eligible for return within 30 days of the delivery date. They will issue a refund based on your original payment method. You can get a refund for a card purchase within 7 days. But, it may take up 30 days for a PayPal purchase to be refunded.

Argos Return Policy with Exchange and Refund Product

Argos Exchange Policy

Argos offers customers the possibility to exchange items for a comparable item. Keep in mind that exchanges are dependent on stock levels. They’ll refund your original payment method if an exchange is not possible. The exchange policy’s terms and conditions apply.

Argos’ Refund Policy

Argos will initiate the return to your original payment method after they have processed your return items. You can return cash or gift card payments in-store. Card payments can take upto 7 days for the refunds to be processed in your account. PayPal refunds can take as long as 30 days.

What if I want to return after Argos has been 30 days?

Argos will not accept returns after 30 calendar days. Argos allows customers to return online-purchased items within a 30-day period. If you exceed this timeframe, you won’t be able make a return.

Can I return an Argos opened product?

Yes. You can return opened products to Argos. If the product is defective, the warranty will cover it. It is possible to return the item to the shop where it was purchased.

What is the Argos Return Policy Followingsale?

Argos strives to make every purchase a pleasant experience. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return it in many ways. Visit the Product Support Site. Here you will find frequently asked questions regarding your product, how to set it up, download a manual and contact support.

Argos Return Policy For Faulty Products?

Most manufacturers will try to resolve any issues with defective items. You can check the Product Support Site of the manufacturer if your product is defective. Even if the item was delivered to you, you may not be able to return it if it is still under warranty.

How can I return products, Argos

There are many ways to return your product. This depends on the way you purchased it. It is important to remember that large appliances cannot be returned in-store or via the postal mail.

What is Argos return policy for home delivery items?

You can return small items and online purchases of Tu clothing to your local delivery address. If you experience any issues, please contact customer service on their website. Or call 0345640-2020. You cannot return large items by post. Larger items cannot be delivered at home.

You can also send your home delivery products, small or large, via live chat. Their live chat support will assist you in processing your return.

When can I receive my refund from Argos

In-store returns are processed quickly. In most cases, your refund will be sent within 5-7 business day. If you purchased a gift card or cash, your refund will be processed in the original way that you paid in-store. Your refund will be processed within 30 days if PayPal was used.

Can I return my used phone to Argos

Argos cannot accept returns of used phones. It must be proven that it was defective when it arrived. If you can prove the defect, you may be allowed to return the item in its original condition. You could be eligible for a return or an exchange.

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