Amazon Return Policy with Refund and Exchange Product

Hello guys, are you interested to buy any product or stuff from Amazon. or do you recently buy any product from Amazon? if your answer is yes then it is required to know about the Amazon product return policy.

you have to understand the rules and the requirement to return your purchase product at Amazon site. Amazon return policy allows users to give back your purchased item and get refund your money.

it is good for us to return our purchased product if the product gets defected or unusable. Amazon online site is a nice way for shopping online and get many discounts.

but the one thing is very nice is the Amazon Return policy. you can return and exchange your product easily. there is a certain method to return the Amazon products at Amazon site.

if you want to know about the Amazon return policy then you have to read this post carefully up to down. it is necessary to know about the rules on different types of products how you can return. therefore, stay with us we going to show you how to return your product online or offline methods in this post.

Amazon Return Policy

Amazon Return Policy

It is normal that people buying a product online by shopping at Amazon. but they still don’t know the return policy of their product and how to return the product.

but with us, we give you simple methods and the simple language knowledge to return your purchased item on getting defected or unusable item. you can easily return by following our returning steps and get your refund directly in your account.

Amazon return policy gives you the power to replace, exchange, repair and refund your product. this policy is different on different kinds of products than check out the rules of different types of product and the return policy by Amazon below.

Amazon Return Policy Rules

  • Computers and Electronics → Computers and Electronics have bought you from Amazon and if the item you bought is defective or defective then you can return the item within 30 days, within 30 days, if you have returned the item then Amazon takes it after the item. After that, he does not return the item.
  • Alexa Voice Shopping → You have purchased Amazon Alexa Voice Shopping and if you want to return that item, you should know that if you have not used the item, you can return the item within 7 days.
  • Amazon Devises → You must return this item within 30 days if you purchased Amazon Devices such as Kindle e-readers, Fire tablets, Amazon Fire TV devices, and Echo devices and their accompanying Amazon-branded accusers from Amazon.
  • Fresh and Grocery Products→ Amazon Fresh and Grocery stuff do not take Amazon back, but Amazon also refunds or replaces that item.
  • Automotive → Automobile does not take Amazon back to the item, but you can repair automotive items in warranty.
  • Renewed Products → If you buy Renewed, you will be happy because Amazon gives you 90 days to return the item to which you can return the item easily.
  • Baby Products → You can return the Baby-related item to Amazon in 90 days.
  • Clothing and Accessories → You can return to Clothing and Accessories in 30 days.
  • Sports & Entertainment → Using a trackable method, you must return the Sports & Entertainment items valued at $35 or more. Items worth more than $500 must also be insured.
  • Digital Products → You may not be able to return to that item if you purchased digital producers such as games, software downloads, from Amazon Android App Store.
  • Jewelry and Watches → Jewelry and Watches items valued at $35 or more must be returned using trackable shipping methods.
  • Live Plants or Insects → You can not return the Live Plants or Inspector’s bought item, but you can get your refund.

How to Return the Purchased Item From the Amazon

We know that you have to get the information about how to return your purchased item from Amazon. And you also know that here you get the information about How to return your purchased item from Amazon.

If you want to return or replace your purchased item, then you carefully read and watch the bellowed mentioned information. Because bellowed, provided methods are helpful for the returning your purchased item.

Returning the purchased item by Mail

  • Visit the official portal of Amazon at
  • You have to Login your Amazon Account.
  • Then you open the order list. And you select the item if you want to return.
  • After that, you click on the Return or Replacement Item option. Then you give the reason for the returning your purchased item.

Returning the purchased item By Visiting the Amazon Store

  • Find your nearest Amazon Store.
  • You have to go to the Customer Service Desk of that store.
  • You have to give the reason for the returning the purchased item.

In case you have to face any trouble in the returning your purchased item, then you also return your purchased item, by the dialing the customer care number of the Amazon.

You must call on 1800 3000 9009. We know that you are the smarter customer of the Amazon, you know the possible ways of the returning your purchased item.

Here we give genuine information on Amazon Return Policy. We know that our provided information helps you for the returning your purchased item. Above, we give the possible ways of the returning your purchased item from Amazon.

In case you want to get more information about the Amazon Return Policy, then you visit the official page of the Amazon. for the visiting the Amazon official return policy page. If you want to know about the how to get back your refund, then you must to read the bellowed mentioned information.

Advice For You

As we know, Amazon takes up to two or three weeks minimum time to process on returning product. then your refund will be coming in your account in 3 or 4 business days after the product successfully reaches Amazon Store. it is required to wait for your refund and shop online other stuff by following return policy rules.

Amazon is the greatest way to shop online, and they also give the best return policy. Hope you like this information, and you can easily understand how you can return your purchased item at Amazon.


We sure that you can easily return you have purchased an item from Amazon. because this post contains all of the details which can help you to return your purchased product to Amazon. it is so easy because we give step by step information to return your purchased item.

we know that user needs to learn about Amazon return policy, then this post is actually helpful for you. if you find any query and problems related to Amazon return policy in this post. then you can know us by commenting in below section. for further detail about another store, supermarket and online shopping sites return policy.

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