Aldi Return Policy, Aldi Returns and Refund Policies

Unsure about a purchase you made at Aldi’s? Did you receive goods that were not what you expected and are thinking of returning them? Then you are reading the right post. In this post, you will learn about Aldi’s Return Policy.

This post contains all the information that you need to know when you will be returning goods at Aldi’s. The methods you can follow, the steps you can take and the procedure you can follow to return items.

If you are returning goods at Ali’s for the first time, you will need to know when and how to proceed with the same. Aldi’s Return Policy Guidelines will be of great help. This help post is for making the return process easy, simple and comfortable for Aldi’s customers.

Aldi’s Return Policy

Aldi’s ensures that the customers get what they expect, and that too in the best quality possible. Aldi’s takes measures to see to the fact that their customers don’t get anything that is defective, harmful or faulty. But if, unexpectedly and unintentionally, you do receive a product that is flawed and unfavorable, Aldi’s gives you an opportunity to give it back or get it exchanged or replaced.

Aldi Return Policy

Aldi’s has its own rules and regulations for the returns and exchanges that take place for its products, and they have to be followed while returning products to Aldi’s. Further down in this post, you will get to know in detail, the two methods that can be adopted for returning purchases from Aldi’s.

Aldi’s Return Policy Rules

Aldi’s is a supermarket chain based in the United Kingdom. It sells all sorts of groceries and household essentials. It believes in serving the best quality products to its customers. Aldi’s is so confident about its product quality that it has labelled its products as “Twice as Nice Guarantee”. But, for items that are not covered in this guarantee, like alcohol, non-food Aldi Find items etc., a replacement or reimbursement will be offered.

  • It is important to return the products in original product packaging and condition.
  • Within 90 days of the original purchase date, the customers will be able to return the products with the help of the receipt. If you are unable to provide a receipt, you will not receive the payment back in the same form. Instead, you will receive an Aldi Merchandise Credit Gift Card in your name, which will have the same credit as that of the price of the returned good.
  • It may be the case that replacement or refund of alcohol is not permitted by the state law. In that case, we will not be able to help you out.
  • For warranty issues, Aldi does not take the responsibility. You must consult the instruction manual and warranty card that was issued with the product for warranty related details.
  • For computers and other electronics related return policy, a return with a receipt within 90 days of purchase date will be honored. It is necessary that the product is returned with all content in its original packaging.

How to return purchases from Aldi’s

All customers who want to easily return their purchases to Aldi’s, can do this by three ways. Below is a brief explanation of what to do and how to do.

  • You can return special buys under 20 kg or more than 15 bottles of wines and spirits via post.
  • 15 or less bottles of wine and spirits can be returned to one of Aldi’s stores.
  • Large items under 50 kg can also be returned to a store.
  • Items that weigh more than 50 kg or supplied in more than 1 box cannot be returned to a store. They will have to be returned via home collection.
  1. Returning goods to store:
  2. You will first need to complete filling out your Aldi’s returns form. If you have misplaced your returns note, and your parcel is under 90x50x50 cm and weighs under 15 kg, you can create a new label for free. You will need your order number and your email address to do so.
  3. Prepare your item. Pack it in its original form and head to the store.
  • Aldi Policy Your refund will be processed at the store.
  1. Returning goods via mail:
    1. You will first need to complete filling out your Aldi’s returns form. You have three options: Royal Mail (packages under 20 kg), Collect Plus (parcels under 15 kg) and Hermes.
    2. Pack your returning item in a suitable box along with all the original content. Do not forget to paste the returns label onto the parcel. Head on to your preferred returns location.
  • Once Aldi’s receives the item and get its approved and accepted, your refund will be processed.
  1. Arranging a Home Collection: For parcels over (90x50x50 cm), and weighing over 20 kg. Aldi Return Policy Also for wine or spirit returns over 15 bottles.
    1. You will need to contact Aldi’s Customer Care Service Team on 0800 042 0800.
    2. Prepare your package with all contents places as in the original packing. You parcel will be collected from you.
  • When your item will be received, approved and accepted by Aldi’s, a refund for your returns will be generated and processed.

Advice for you

While returning a product to Aldi’s, the fastest way to do so is offline returns. But if your package cannot be returned offline, please follow proper procedure and steps to return to product. If the product is not found to be in the same condition as it was sent, you will be responsible for it.

It is also necessary to keep in mind that the information you give out for shipment and other things is not store by Aldi’s. Aldi’s is not responsible for any misuse or misplacement of your parcels or information.


We hope that this post was able to provide you with all the information that you need while returning an item to Aldi’s. It was the sole purpose of this particular post to make Aldi’s return and refund policies clear to its customers. We hope we were able to help you out in the best possible ways.

We would also like to ensure that all information on this post is authentic and taken up from Ali’s official website. You can always check out the official Aldi’s website for more help related to the Aldi’s.

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